*Target (protein/gene name): Protein phosphatase-beta, putative (P. vivax)
*NCBI Gene # or RefSeq#:
*Protein ID (NP or XP #) or Wolbachia#: 269949
*Organism (including strain): Plasmodium vivax
Etiologic Risk Group (see link below):
*Background/Disease Information (sort of like the Intro to your Mini Research Write up):
Link to TDR Targets page (if present): http://tdrtargets.org/targets/view?gene_id=269949
Link to Gene Database page (NCBI, EuPath databases -e.g. TryTryp, PlasmoDB, etc - or PATRIC, etc.)
Essentiality of this protein:
Complex of proteins?:
Druggable Target (list number or cite evidence from a paper/database showing druggable in another organism): 0.6

Link to BRENDA EC# page: www.brenda-enzymes.org/php/result_flat.php4?ecno=
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proteintyrosine phosphatase-beta putative.PNG

Enzyme Assay information (spectrophotometric, coupled assay ?, reagents):
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Structure Available (PDB or Homology model)
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PDB x-ray crystallography of 4JNB E.C #

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---- % Positives
---- Chain used for homology:

Current Inhibitors:
Expression Information (has it been expressed in bacterial cells):
Purification Method:
Image of protein (PyMol with features delineated and shown separately):
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*CDS Gene Sequence (paste as text only):
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*GC% Content for gene (codon optimized):