For fun (and extra credit) - you can create a haiku that reflects your target.

The winning haiku writer will win the choice of:
A. 5 extra percentage points on a lab notebook, Wikispaces grade, or journal club Study Q's
B. A 4 day extension on an assignment of you choice - except the final report and final notebooks (or presentations)

Winning Haiku!

Cindy N.
  • Not a day goes by
  • That we don't do awesome stuff
  • Long live vds

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Submission date: 11/01/2015

5 syllables
7 syllables
5 syllables

VDS is fun
Discovering, exploring
Effort brings results
Your haiku should be about your target/project. However, if you want to make a better 'VDS class' haiku - go for it.
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