Mission Statement for the VDS Stream - espousing the principles under which we operate

The mission of the Virtual Drug Screening stream is to educate students to become self-sufficient in biochemical research and virtual screening methods. Developing an ability to design experiments, analyze results, and modify procedures for further investigation.

John G., Luis V., Alberto T.

The Virtual Drug Screening Stream of the Freshmen Research Initiative aims to foster confidence in undergraduate researchers in an environment that embraces and builds upon failure; encourages camaraderie, intellectual development, and self-reliance; and ignites a passion for research. This stream aspires to help students build skills and friendships, which will benefit them in future endeavors regardless of the professional path that they choose to pursue.
Andee F., Avery W., Cidia G.

As mentors, our aim is to instigate passion for scientific research while creating professional and comfortable mentor-mentee relationships. This entails encouraging free inquiries and independent and interactive learning in the hopes of making students aware of their potential research capabilities.
Brianna G., Charina B., & Nikki W.