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Start Date: Friday June 2nd 2017 -----------------------------------> End Date: ~ end of July sometime 2017

Week 0: Jun-2nd Friday - Jun-4 Sunday
Week 1: Jun-5 Monday - Jun-11 Sunday
Week 2: Jun-12 Monday - Jun-18 Sunday
Week 3: Jun-19 Monday - Jun-25 Sunday
Week 4: Jun-26 Monday - Jul-2 Sunday
Week 5: Jul-3 Monday - Jul-9 Sunday
Week 6: Jul-10 Monday - Jul-16 Sunday
Week 7: Jul-17 Monday - Jul-23 Sunday
Week 8: Jul-24 Monday - Jul-30 Sunday
Week 9: Jul-31 Monday - Aug-6 Sunday (Optional)

Summer Researchers:

Mentors: My Q, Anthony,
ARI Mentors: Sabi, Jeffrey, Steven

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Mentor Schedules

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Group Meeting/Journal Club

once a week
Location: GEA 100 ?????
See Journal Club link on left hand side (lhs) menu
Group Meeting Slides are in the Google Drive folder


PAI 2.14 wet lab
GEA - the fancy Human Ecology building
PAI 3.04H Dr. B's office
WEL 2.128 computer lab, WEL 2.144 computer lab
Painter 1st floor - ice room, autoclave, big centrifuge
Biotech lab - WEL 3.270
Robertus lab - WEL 5th floor
Chemistry Storeroom - WEL 1st floor (basement) - supplies and dry ice
Chemistry Electronics Shop - WEL 2nd floor (near computer lab)
BioScience Storeroom - NHB 1.502 - supplies
  • NHB glassware shop - next to BioSci storeroo
ICMB Core Facilities:
  • DNA Sequencing Facility (DASF) - MBB 1.426
  • ICMB Storeroom - MBB 1.426K (separate room for turning in invoice and for picking up items)
    • Can only pick up items from 9-12 AM and 2-5 PM

The Plan

We are going to work on our targets that we started picking in the Target Discovery Exercise.
First, we will review those and see if they are good.
Order overlap primers for our targets (we need these before we can start cloning for 'real')
While we wait on the primers, we will express, purify and characterize YopH & FtHap enzymes - 2 current VDS targets.
-- may also do NDM-1 and RpFabG

Then we will do some practice cloning procedures to teach you guys the new DNA cloning skills.
Then we will proceed to work on cloning our targets
Then we will express, purify and characterize our targets.
Then we will perform enzyme activity assays to see if our targets work
Then we will carry out inhibition assays

Lab Safety:

Have you complete your lab safety trainings?

Tours and Fun Stuff

  • Naturally Obsessed Viewing - - when to watch this documentary?- Please fill out this form....TBD

TACC Tour at VisLab in ACES building ON CAMPUS - @

    • (meet in lab before at to walk over)

TACC Machine room Tour - @

    • (meet in lab before - then we'll catch bus up to Pickle campus)
      • Fill out - Medical Waiver
      • Fill out - Liability form

Field Trip Form - Summer 2017

Indemnification Agreement
Emergency Medical Authorization
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Student 2

Student 3

GASF (Genome Sequencing and Analysis Facility) Tour in MBB 4.102 (not done)

  • Algae Lab Tour: Meet in PAI 2.14 - then will walk over to BIO 320 (not done)

Skills List:

Target Discovery
PCR (primer overlap)
Restriction Enzyme Digest
Plasmid Midi-Prep
DNA Sequencing
Protein Expression, Purification, Characterization (Large scale)
Enzyme assays

Things to Keep in Mind

Wikispaces no like it when you have more than 3 windows open at a time! It be slow.
Store reagents at the proper temperature & in the right location (e.g. correct freezer box)
Label all reagents (tubes, boxes, liguids, powders) with VDS and Date (also include your initials if it is yours)
Write down everything that you do in lab into your lab notebook
Clean your area when done and return reagents and materials to their 'homes'