Dark Chocolate

Calendar names:
Available Dr B
meet w/ DrB

Instructions (Using your own Google Calendar):
1. Create an event within your google calendar at the dates(s) and time(s) you want.
2. Put your Name as the name of the event
----------------you can add a descriptor if you like (e.g. Q's, JClub, ResearchPres, Help,
3. Invite this email to the event by pasting it into the 'More Options' >> GUESTS field

Instructions (Using VDSClass Google Account):
1.Login to VDSclass Google Account if you can't see the calendars below.
--------- https://www.google.com/calendar
2. View available times on the 'Available Dr B' calendar.
3. Pick a time and add your name using a 30 minutes block with the 'meet w/ DrB' calendar.
  • this will magically pop-up on Dr. B's own calendar so that he can see it too.
4. You may then share the event with your own google calendar so that you can remember when it is. (Edit Event >> Add guests)

OR - IF you can't login - then just email Dr. B and he can add you in the time slot

1. Create an event within google calendar at the dates(s) and time(s) you want.
2. Name the event for the class or group that will be using the space.
3. In the notes, make it clear whether the space can be shared during that time or if it is exclusive use.
4. Invite utexas.edu_dgsdq8orj507ope88d19jr0mug@group.calendar.google.com to the event. Click save.